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[sticky entry] Sticky: Enervation Info/Kinks

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Faction: Empress
Role: Undecided; Gathering information first!
Current Mana Points: 6 - from Oct AC
Obtained Powers and Cost of Each:
None yet.

Current Status:
Just arrived, gathering information.


Gender/Race: No preferences.
Age: No pref.
Medium: No pref.
Rating: Give me all the things.


Is it okay for other players to contact you with thread or kink requests?: COME AT ME
Are you comfortable playing with both factions, or just one?: Both please!
Are there any powers other characters MAY NOT use on your character?: Anything is possible, but if it involves actual control of mind of body, please discuss first.


  • non-human partners
  • threesomes
  • oral, face-sitting, face-fucking
  • vaginal
  • anal
  • sounding
  • extreme insertion (double pen, fisting)
  • titfucking, breast play
  • awkward sex
  • intercrural, hotdogging, outersex
  • bondage, light or heavy
  • biting, scratching, marking
  • bloodplay
  • sadism/masochism
  • flogging/whipping
  • figging
  • sex toys
  • choking
  • wound fucking, serious injury
  • non-con
  • somnophilia
  • roleplay
  • teasing, torture

  • most things not in yes or no? just ask me stuff

  • Anal prolapse
  • Birthing/unbirthing/etc
  • Diapers/infantalization
  • Gangbangs/orgies
  • Inflation
  • Mpreg
  • Orgasm=consent logic
  • Scat


  • Mikado has a lot of positive goals and ideals, but he can be incredibly ruthless and manipulative. In canon, he employs threats, blackmail, violence, spies, betrayal, and other methods to attempt to reach his goals.
  • With power dependent on sex in game, he'll be looking to have sex in any way he can, including agreeing to unsafe/unhealthy acts and relationships, coercion, and taking advantage of characters under the effect of drugs or events.
  • He is unlikely to physically overpower anyone for violent rape as himself/in his own body, but is not above it using false forms in nightmares or by proxy.
  • That being said, he will be looking for willing partners first, and will default to negotiation and creating a tempting offer over more extreme methods. He is, after all, currently on the side of the Empress...
  • Talk about his life at home will include mentions of violence and manipulation. Talk of the situation just before coming into the game may include mentions of attempted suicide. Leave a note here to opt out of any inclusion of that in our threads.
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☾ Ryuugamine Mikado ☽
Current RP: Carvaka
Canon: Durarara!! light novels, volume 8, chapter 4
Age: 18
Mikado is a human with no powers, though he has some experience with supernatural and superhuman elements. He is a young man who started a new life out of boredom that got out of control and took him further than he'd ever expected. He often comes off shy, awkward, clumsy, and innocent. However, while that side of him isn't a lie, he also harbors the capacity for cold rage, premeditated violence, and controlling behavior.

Code from: here
Dec. 28th, 2025 10:47 pm


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I would love crit for Mikado, so hit me with what you've got! He's a pretty complex character, and I play him from a point where he's very much evolving, so I do worry he's a little inconsistent at times. Feel free to point out anywhere you think I need work.

For reference, his canon point in Carvaka is in volume 8 of the light novels! I'm open to critique based on consistency between my own threads and/or knowledge of anime-only, but he has changed quite a bit from the first season of the anime to his current canon point.

Anon enabled, IP logging off, unless I messed it up somehow. XP

Alternatively, if for any reason - due to previous OOC contact or any other discomfort - you would like me not to tag you, feel free to let me know that here. Replies are screened, so just let me know what game we share and what characters to look out for, and I'll respect that. (Feel free to do this also if I hit you on a meme or somewhere and you'd rather it not happen again.)
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Spoilers for both DRRR!! anime and light novels abound.

Update: (As of November 2015, undressed Mikado comes with a self-harm warning: he's sporting scars across his ribs and hips, little rows of hash marks. These can be played up or down in threads as needed, of course!)

I have all the pawns I need. )
Apr. 18th, 2015 02:28 pm


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Feel free to ask about anything not listed, since it's hard to hit everything. Prefer to discuss intense threads anyway, but for a general idea of what I like, look here.

cut goes here )
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You see, one day V and Dutch did this thing: Shinra drugs Kida and makes him do BAD THINGS

And then V innocently asked a new Mikado-mun to play in that verse: Shinra makes Mikado do BAD THINGS

And then new Mikado-mun proved that fucking with boss!Kado is bad:

The end. :D

Until... Mikado Came back as a ghost.


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